20 Second Challenge


Contestants have 20 seconds to complete a randomly assigned challenge. Quick, easy set up and fantastic crowd reactions. 

2-4 players on stage. The wheel spins. Player 1 says “Stop” or hits “the button”. The wheels slows to a stop and randomly selects a challenge. The clock starts and they have 20 seconds to complete the challenge. The quicker they complete the challenge the more points they get.

 Family Fortunes

Family Fortunes can be a high energy and interactive game, as it can include up to 2 teams with 6 people on each team.

On each round the two teams are asked to guess the answers to previous surveys that have appeared on the show.

Beat The Clock

 Fast paced, high energy race between 2-8 people to name things in a category. Better think fast, so you can Beat the Clock!

Up to 8 contestant can play this fast paced game. When it’s your turn just  say a word in the category, and make sure the clock does not stop on you. No repeats!  If the clock does stop on you, you are OUT!!  

When the Clock is turned on, brains turn off. It gets fun to play and hilarious to watch.

The Big Pyramid


Two teams face off in front of a “Pyramid” of six categories. Players will guess words or phrases in a category, based on the description given by their partner. The team with the most points goes on to play in “the winner’s circle”.



This game is like the classic arcade game PONG, but in this game the crowd’s noise level will control the paddles as they try to get the ball in the goal.

Crowd Scavenger Hunt


It’s a Scavenger Hunt you play with a Crowd. So we called it… Crowd Scavenger Hunt!

Very low prep time, just make a list and you’re ready to play.



Help Rodger cross the street. But watch out for the cars, killer frogs, and explosive grass. 



Four walk in, but only one can survive … THE ELIMINATOR!  This is a simple elimination game that is easy to play and incredibly entertaining to watch.

Flappy Crowd

 Use a webcam or mic to control the bird or use a game to control your crowd. However you look at it, this game is crazy fun. You can chose one person to control the screen or point your camera at the crowd and watch the entire room go nuts.

The activity level of the crowd will guide the bird up and down collecting coins and power ups.  Set the timer to any length you want and press “PLAY”.  See how many coins you can collect before time runs out. Along the way, pick up “power-up” coins for “LAZER EYES” or “TURBO”. It’s crazy fun that gets the entire crowd Flapping!

Fruit Basket


Use the noise level of your crowd to control the basket and catch fruit. 

Generation Game

 The Generation Game was another great hit for the late, great Bruce Forsyth. This involves two teams of up to six people each, as they are shown how to do simple tasks that they then need to copy to the best of their ability.

We have the option to bring in outside performers for the show, to create a truly unique and engaging experience.

Each round the audience decides who has won, to maximise audience participation.

Mega Golf


Turn your audience into a golf course. Every crowd loves to hit beach balls around. We have turned that into a game of golf… MEGA GOLF!

One Arm, Two Arms, None


This a simple elimination game that starts with the entire crowd and after several rounds only one winner remains. One of the most fun and easy to set-up games we have.

Play Your Cards Right

 Play Your Cards Right was made famous by the late great Sir Bruce Forsyth. Two teams compete by answering questions to win a chance to turn the cards over, will the next card be HIGHER or LOWER, you decide!

This can be played with two teams of up to 4 people each.

Speed Trivia


It’s not WHAT you know.  It’s how FAST you know it!

Contestants will have 30 seconds to see how many questions they can answer. The faster they answer, the more points they get; miss one, and your turn is over. Top 10 scores show up on the Leader Board.

Road Race


In this game the crowd’s noise level will control the car. It is all about speed! Get your car across the finish line as quickly as possible.

What The Blank


Get points for matching the judges’ answers – “This game is ________!”

Take A Chance


In this game, based on a classic game show concept, three players will try to get the most money by landing on the game board tiles. But watch out, if you land on Captain Jack the Pirate, he will “Jack all your money.”

Say What


 Lots of noise, lots of laughs! Great way to get the entire crowd into the game.

Will of 4 Chin


Contestants compete to solve word puzzles. Similar to Hangman.

Type in a “Puzzle to solve” and a “Topic” and you  will be ready to take it for a spin. This game is quick and easy to set up and so much fun to play. 

Take It Or Leave It (Deal or No Deal)


Choose one case out of 14. As you guess to remove the others cases on the game board, you will get offers for your case. When you get the offer, will you Take it or Leave it?!! 

This Or That


Contestants try to “read the room” to see which scenario the crowd would pick. The crowd’s noise level is measured with the “Voice Vote”.

Emoji Race 


Have everyone in the crowd get out their cellphones and start a text message to the number on the screen.

The app will randomly pick 4 emojis. First one to text in all 4 emojis wins.

Head Games


HeadGames randomly picks people from the audience to complete random tasks. 

People Picker


This game randomly picks people from the audience. 



Split the room into two teams. Play five mini games to win trophies.

 If we have learned anything from playing games, it’s nothing drives crowd engagement like competition. Split the crowd, match them up, and have fun.

Wack A Mole


Live action Wack-a-Mole! The scoreboard is used to make this full size crazy interactive stage game.

Two teams, made up of a runner and a wacker, race to see who can get the most points before time runs out.

Wheel of Ill Will

 Three contestants guess letters to solve a puzzle. But to get the points they will have to face the WHEEL OF ILL WILL! 

This is a ridicules game show that will have the players attempting outrageous challenges. There are plenty of challenges that involve the crowd, or create your own. 

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